Not able to get the RSSI Monitoring Service to work in Rifidi Version 3.7.0

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Re: Not able to get the RSSI Monitoring Service to work in Rifidi Version 3.7.0

Post by Matt » Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:21 pm

Just tried, and it worked for me. Here is what my _start() looks like in my test application (I hacked up the "HelloWorld" application to test this):

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	 * (non-Javadoc)
	 * @see org.rifidi.edge.api.AbstractRifidiApp#_start()
	public void _start() {

		HelloWorldSubscriber sub = new HelloWorldSubscriber();
		this.subscriberList = new LinkedList<RSSIReadZoneSubscriber>();
		HashMap<String,ReadZone> readzones = new HashMap<String,ReadZone>();
		readzones.put("LLRP_1", new ReadZone("LLRP_1"));
		readzones.put("LLRP_2", new ReadZone("LLRP_2"));
		readzones.put("LLRP_3", new ReadZone("LLRP_3"));
		readzones.put("LLRP_4", new ReadZone("LLRP_4"));
		readzones.put("Alien_1", new ReadZone("Alien_1"));
		readzones.put("Alien_2", new ReadZone("Alien_2"));
		readzones.put("Alien_3", new ReadZone("Alien_3"));
		this.rssiMonitoringService.subscribe(sub, readzones, 4.0f, TimeUnit.SECONDS, 3, 2.0d, 0.0d, true);		
I'd do a 'currenttags' on the readers you are using to make sure you are seeing positive values on RSSI, and I would try out those values in the "subscribe" method.
HelloWorld app modified to use RSSI Service
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