How to assign antennas to read zone.

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How to assign antennas to read zone.

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I have a reader that support multiple antennas.For Internet of Things or assets tracking application, I will need to assign antennas to different read zones and assign a name to a read zone. I may assign an antenna to a read zone, or multiple antennas to a read zone. I have been exercising the Dashboard and EdgeServer and using Thingmagic reader as an example, I do not find a way of doing it. I am wondering if this feature is supported in the EdgeServer (3.4) or in Dashboard.



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Re: How to assign antennas to read zone.

Post by bppause » Mon Dec 14, 2015 5:46 pm

Yes antennas in readzones are support by Rifidi and dashboard

link ... #Readzones

The antenna number needs to match how teh reader vendor returns aetnna number, some vendors start with index of 0 - some start with index of 1

a list I believe is comma delimited 1,2,3

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