Tag Streamer + Fosstrak over network

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Tag Streamer + Fosstrak over network

Post by jgastal » Fri Nov 20, 2009 7:11 am

I have successfully used fosstrak to read Rifidi tag streamer LLRP readers when both are running on the same machine however if I have them in different machines they do not communicate. Using wireshark to sniff the connection showed fosstrak sending SYN(trying to establish a connection) packages to Rifidi and Rifidi replying with RST packages(refusing the connection). I have checked that the network works, there are no firewalls in either machine(or between them). So I ask you is there any difference in setting up Rifidi Tag Streamer to work over a network than locally?

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Re: Tag Streamer + Fosstrak over network

Post by kyle » Fri Nov 20, 2009 9:30 am

Strange. There shouldn't be a difference. I assume you are using a Rifidi LLRP reader. Three things come to mind to try:
1) If you are using LLRP, make sure that both the LLRP interface (5084) and the admin interface (10101) are set to network addresses( and not localhost).
2) Can you connect to another reader that's not LLRP? For example, if you are using LLRP with Fosstrak, try making a new Alien reader in streamer. Give it a network address and try to connect to it via telnet. If this works, then maybe the problem is in the reader you are trying to use with fosstrak and not a general streamer problem.
3) Try to connect Fosstrak to Rifidi Emulator (not Streamer) over the network. Emulator and Streamer use the same engine underneath the hood, its just that streamer's is older (since we haven't updated that product in a while). If that's the case, then the problem might be the older core that streamer is using.

Please let me know what you figure out.

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Re: Tag Streamer + Fosstrak over network

Post by jgastal » Wed Nov 25, 2009 2:33 pm


I tried number 1 and 3 without success, but have not yet had time to try number 2. Right now I have decided to use them both on the same machine but will eventually try putting them on separate machine again, when I do I will post any progress I make.

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Tag Streamer Fosstrak over network

Post by nesterdron » Wed Apr 05, 2017 5:42 pm

i connected AXIS241QA in a local network that time found frames drop. But after that i set up a private network where only this streamer was there then i didnt find any frame drops.
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