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Edge Server v1.3

Post by Matt » Thu Jan 12, 2012 1:54 pm

Announcing Edge Server Version 1.3!

Edge Server 1.3 has been released! You can get it here:


There are 4 different versions you can download. Here is a description of each one:

1. Server and Client - Windows only. Contains both Edge Server 1.3 and Workbench.
2. Server Only - Multiplatform. Contains Edge Server 1.3
3. SDK - The 1.3 SDK
4. deb - Linux - Package for Linux verions using the debian package manager (Ubuntu, etc)


Here are some useful links:

Version 1.3 changelog:

Maven Build instructions:

Upgrading a 1.2 RifidiApp to 1.3:
http://wiki.rifidi.org/index.php/Rifidi ... rade_Guide

1.3 Javadocs:


Do I need to change anything to upgrade my 1.2 RifidiApp to 1.3?:
Yes, there are a few changes that must happen before a 1.2 RifidiApp can run on Edge 1.3. The most notable change is the package structure, which has been streamlined for 1.3.

Can I still deploy in the old way?
Yes, you can still build and deploy your RifidiApps in the exact same way you have always done so. If you wish you can also build and deploy using Maven, as detailed here:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of deploying with Maven?
The main advantage of deploying with Maven is that you can make changes to the base edge server, something that was difficult to do before. For instance, you could create your own reader adapter and deploy your own version of the edge server with that reader adapter included. The disadvantage is that the initial set-up time for a workspace will take longer.


Why am I getting errors with rxtx/gnu.io?
We included a serial session by default, which should be useful for anyone who wants to make a reader using serial or USB. Unfortunately, the package we used sometimes has trouble with 64 bit java versions. For best compatibility, use sun java6 x86. If you still have trouble, try cleaning all projects (project>clean).

This post will be updated as more documentation is released.


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